BPT Service Policy

Service Warranty –

BPT warrants the entire repaired AMT RF amplifier system for a period not to exceed 1 year from the time of shipment, returning the instrument to the customer. The actual warranty period may vary depending on product type and specific situation. BPT expressly excludes any warranty for work not done by BPT. Opening of the repaired equipment or breaking the Service seals may void BPT’s warranty.

BPT will not be responsible for any additional failures that occur during trouble shooting, repair or testing of the user equipment being repaired. Gross negligence on the part of our technical personnel notwithstanding. Inbound shipping damage will be repaired at customer cost. BPT will under no circumstances be responsible for shipping damage occurring during the return shipment.

BPT will be held harmless against any subsequential or collateral damage to any repaired equipment or to the peripheral system to which the serviced instrument is connected. This includes any degradation, additional failure(s), mis-operation on the part of the instrument or operating personnel or a facilities event at the customer location. These limitations specifically include damage due to unrelated component failure, accident, human error, incorrect voltage connection, facility mains event, lightening, ESD, flood or similar event.

Work Recommendations -

BPT service is comprehensive and includes system restoration and enhancement of reliability. Aftermarket reliability enhancement parts will be installed. Details related to the typical work to be done are available on request. The instrument will be returned to the customer fully operational and as close to original factory specifications as possible under prevailing circumstances. BPT maintains inventory of virtually all replicable electronic components, PC board assemblies and chassis’.

On request BPT will provide a repair estimate and unit exchange quotation, if available. The exchange option generally provides the quickest turnaround.

Certifications –

RF power amplifiers are not calibrated instruments. BPT uses calibrated test instruments when and where practical. The tested sticker is certification that the amplifier has completed and passed the automated test procedure and “24 hour “run-in” period. At this point the amplifier will operate as close to original factory specifications as possible under prevailing environmental circumstances. Copies of the test performance plots are available at the time of PO placement for an additional charge of $250. They can be as provided as hard copy at the time of invoicing or sent by email to the end user as .pdf files.

Standard Accounting Terms and Conditions:

Repair Completion: (ESTIMATE) - 4-8 weeks after receipt of customer PO. Return shipments are made Ex Works: BPT, Willcox, AZ

Ship to address:

Broadband Power Technology
609 South Railroad Avenue
Willcox, AZ 85643
Attn: Customer Service
Ph: 520.766.5420
Em: info@bptec.com

Payment Terms:

5% 10, Net 30 (ACH preferred)


BPT reserves the right to impose “Due Immediately” payment terms as deemed warranted. Freight and Replacement Value insurance will be provided using the Customer’s shipping account.

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